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Adam Murray


Owner and CEO

As the founder and CEO of Urbana, it’s Adam’s love of cities and passion for great urbanism which has created a culture of thoughtful guidance and enthusiasm for every project Urbana takes on.

More than simply negotiating a proposal through the planning and development process, it’s a commitment to creating the best possible places on every proposal and producing results to be proud of which makes Urbana’s services invaluable – a principle that Adam reinforces daily through his leadership on projects and close communication with everyone within the team.

Working with some of the largest investors and developers in the sector, Adam brings a career of experience in strategic and major development proposals. With an ethos driven by making planning more exciting and relevant to the 21st century, Adam leads Urbana’s distinctly urbanist heart through a passion for making cities better for all.

Charles Dunn



As a Director at Urbana, Charles leads Urbana Partnerships in supporting clients to deliver their development aspirations through planning and beyond.

Charles’ experience and skillset is extremely wide-ranging, with a critical understanding of the commercial aspects of development sitting alongside technical planning knowledge. In his role he contributes this knowledge and experience to the benefit of Urbana’s wider team in their day-to-day activities.

He has a passion for helping to create intimate, finely grained spaces in cities and is a big believer in the beauty of strong, simple building materials.

Chloe Parmenter

BSc (Hons) MSc


Chloe is an Associate and our Office Leader, with boundless enthusiasm for the Urbana team, for place-shaping, and for the narrative of place. She has a passion for how people use spaces and how we plan our cities for the people that use them, which is instilled in the work that she delivers at Urbana.

Chloe excels in leading clients and consultant teams through the planning process with her extensive experience of successfully delivering major projects on behalf of a range of clients.

She is a highly capable project manager with experience working within sensitive settings and with extensive consultant teams, to bring projects to fruition and balance the potential impacts of development.

Mark Boyd


Senior Urbanist

Instilled in Mark’s work as an Urbanist is a quote from Jane Jacobs, who wrote that “designing a dream city is easy; rebuilding a living one takes imagination.” This attitude to placemaking resonates strongly with Mark and is reflected in his commitment to helping deliver people-friendly places that positively contribute to their environments.

Overseeing schemes throughout England, encompassing residential, commercial, and sport and leisure developments, Mark always endeavours to imbue his values as an Urbanist into every project to provide maximum quality and value to clients and users alike.

Mark’s work at Urbana is complemented by his active involvement with the Academy of Urbanism, where he regularly attends and participates in events across Europe. The mission of the Academy is to seek and promote a better quality of urbanism and is rapidly expanding to become a global forum of knowledge-sharing on all matters both desirable and critical to sustainable placemaking.

Tom Breislin

BA (Hons) MA


As a committed and hugely passionate urbanist, Tom is dedicated to enhancing the urban realm through a deep engagement with projects and clients. He works in the team as an Urbanist with the benefit of a professional background in Brexit contingency planning at the Welsh Government.

Tom has been successfully managing applications since joining the team and his knowledge of the planning system, passion for great placemaking, and commitment as an urbanist help to enhance all the schemes that he works on.

Tom Vincent



Tom leads on a wider range of projects in the Northern Powerhouse and elsewhere around the country. Through his love of cities, he brings a range of skills to his role, including a passionate consideration of place making narratives into his advice on guiding clients through the planning process.

Tom values passion, communication, and above all, results in his work, never settling for less and always providing honest and pro-active dialogue within all aspects of a project.

Tom thrives in confidently handling planning applications, establishing collaborative relationships with both local authorities and project teams, in order to get the best out of a scheme. As a keen and committed Urbanist, Tom adopts the latest Urbanist thought and ideals into his day-to-day work to assist in delivering successful and innovative developments for clients.

Kit Miller



With a true passion in cities and urban environments, Kit is a driven and dedicated urbanist, who embraces and encourages the dynamism of urban spaces. These attributes are reflected within his holistic approach to urban design and sustainable city-making from a green urbanist perspective.

Through excellent communication skills, and a friendly inclusive approach to harnessing the full capacity of a project team, Kit delivers results through teamwork, collaboration and a forward-thinking approach to the creation of vibrant, healthy and liveable communities.

Overseeing a portfolio of projects all across the country, Kit provides the key insight required in the delivery of exciting new development with the attention to technical detail to match.

Georgia Parker



Georgia is a dedicated Urbanist with a distinct interest in new opportunities to direct and improve the mechanisms for which we deliver development in an effort to promote accessible, sustainable and enjoyable placemaking.

Georgia is well versed in complex, multi-disciplinary projects and excels in providing candid and coherent management to aid clients through the planning process, having worked on major city centre retail and residential schemes. She has experience working on Sheffield’s Heart of the City II redevelopment with a focus on placemaking and the value of heritage assets in cities.

Alicia Murray

BSc (Hons)


Alicia heads up our accounts team and is the main point of contact for all matters relating to invoicing and payments.


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