about us

At Urbana we have a passion for the built environment. We pride ourselves in delivering development proposals that improve our cities and towns. We always seek new and innovative ways of doing this, and consistently deliver ‘best in class’ for our clients and the places in which we work. We sit centrally within strong networks of property professionals across the UK and provide pro-active solutions to ensure we are always a step ahead.

We are results-driven in providing the most beautiful and sustainable schemes that have commerciality at their heart. Above all, we are honest in our approach and in our relationships to ensure that we can be trusted by all those who choose to work with us.

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urbanism: the nature, characteristics, planning and development of towns and cities

‘Urbanism is the best of human interaction. It is the thrill of experiencing an amazing sense of place, and it allows for the possibility of change and reinvention. It is simplicity, complexity, and identity. It expresses a narrative greater than the sum of its parts. Our passion for cities and urbanism is our absolute driving force.’