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We are a planning, urbanism and development consultancy headquartered in Sheffield and working nationwide. Before anything else we are born of a passion for the built environment and the way that cities work. Our mission is to utilise this passion and our expertise to deliver results for clients and to improve the built environment. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and our depth of experience in all sectors across the country, but above all on the strength and trust in the relationships that we develop, which we believe are most critical in delivering success for clients and for our mission as a business.


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Above and beyond our expertise as traditional planning consultants, we operate first and foremost as urbanists. Drawing on our innate passion for the built environment, we have proven time and again that an urbanism-led approach to the planning and development process yields greater success for the places in which we work, and for you, our client.


Due to the depth of our expertise and the breadth of our professional networks, we are also able to work closely with clients and contacts to help identify, appraise and facilitate land deals and other opportunities for development. Our holistic understanding of the whole development process, in addition to planning and urbanism, allows us to deliver successful results in partnership with clients.


Planning consultancy can often be dry and policy-driven, but our proactive focus on design and urbanism allows us to help your projects break out of this mould and to make a more positive, progressive case for great development. We have enormous experience -and offer exceptional quality- in all planning services: managing the planning process from conception to successful delivery and everything in between.

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urbanism: the nature, characteristics, planning and development of towns and cities

‘Urbanism is the best of human interaction. It is the thrill of experiencing an amazing sense of place, and it allows for the possibility of change and reinvention. It is simplicity, complexity, and identity. It expresses a narrative greater than the sum of its parts. Our passion for cities and urbanism is our absolute driving force.’